Medication for Elderly People:

Medication for Elderly People:

Any person, be it a small child, adult or any third-age person can bare a fixed amount of prescribed medicine. Elderly people mostly consume two types of medicine which can be also addictive as per the dosage. A pain killer drug named Opioids is used to reduce the pain. Opioids are also present in Oxycodone, Percocet (Paracetamol), hydrocodone with paracetamol (Vicolin).Anyone can be easily addicted to these drugs if these medicines are taken very frequently and prescribed amount exceeds than the regular dosage. And so it is not very easy to detect the side effects created by this drug, which results in awareness before taking any medicine which is not prescribed.Here are a few generic medicines that aren’t harmful to Elderly people:  Enroll here for a 2020 supplement plan to get a drug plan.


Our body generates such hormone, regulating the circadian rhythms along with promoting sleep. However, for various reasons, including aging, some people do not produce enough of this hormone, which affects their sleep cycle. For this reason, melatonin supplements have been designed. It is majorly aimed for recovering our normal rest routine.


As the production of serotonin responsible for stabilizing mood and sleep pattern), has become a necessity, the body starts craving for Tryptophan. It is one of the important amino acids which is similar to that of milk, nuts, chicken or turkey.

Compound supplements with medicinal plants:

In the pharmacy, we can also find supplements whose composition includes valerian, passionflower, lemon balm, or California poppy, among other medicinal plants with relaxing properties. Even if they are plants, consult your doctor about their use because they can also cause interaction with certain medications.

Bach flowers:

This type of therapy is included in alternative medicine and is based on the use of thirty-eight natural remedies derived from different flowers. It does not interfere in any other medications or generates any kind of post effect, but there is controversy about its effectiveness. One of the flowers that helps in calming the mind and make one sleep, is the white chestnut flower, olive tree etc.

Preparations of essential oils:

As it is seen in the pharmacy or any chemist shop, one can have a look at how the essential oils such as Orange, Verbena, Chamomile etc. have some soothing and calming chemicals which will create an environment for sleeping. So these are some basic medicines which any senior citizen can take without thinking too much about the side effects. It is always being recorded by the time of the day till the prescription does not get demoralized.