Where would be an amusing/shocking place to put a paper mache human cast in school?


For a sculpture project in school, we have to make a paper mache human by making a cast of someone in our class and then put it someplace in the school that would shock or surprise those who see it.

It’s sort of a competition between a couple of the groups. So, we’re trying to think of someplace really funny we can put our casts and what they could be doing.

Any help would be amazing!


hanging with its fingers on sill of the outside of a window
walking up or down the building
on the roof like about to jump off (though that probably will get you into trouble and will be too dangerous to get to)
extra challenge: sitting on the headmaster’s office chair
if there is a wall you can see both sides of, cut into half and cut the part corresponding to the wall thickness away so it looks like the figure is going through the wall. If you have a tree in your school yard you could also have the tree grow through the figure (it could lie on its back having the tree grow out of it for smaller diameter trees). There is a lot of variations possible with that concept.

Of course you can do a lot of extra things with the pose, but I leave that to your ingenuity.



Head down in a toilet bowl.


put it in a staircase graphittying the wall

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